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Flora Band orchestras

The Flora Band orchestras consist of the Show- & Marching band Flora Youth Band, Show, Marching- & Concert band Flora Band and brass band Flora Brass. Together, these three orchestras form one club in their clubhouse “de Kazerne” based in Rijnsburg, The Netherlands. In there own region, no tattoo, concert, opening party, anniversary or any memorable event goes without one of the orchestras attending. Also abroad are the red uniforms of the Flora Band well known; over the last years they visited England, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, and so on.

Show, Marching- & Concert band Flora Band

Show, Marching- & Concert band Flora Band is the flagship of the Flora Band orchestras. Founded in 1968 as a drum and trumpet band. Today, the band consists of a full brass band occupancy. The Flora Band consists of an average of 40 men aged between 15 and 45 years. The Flora Band has repeatedly proven to be among the top in the Dutch show- and marching bands. With their English style these men are used to score high on the element ‘Marching’ at the World Music Contest held once every four years. They’re also famous because of their theme shows which are a treat for the audience and a valuable addition to any tattoo.

Show- & Marching band Flora Youth Band

The Flora Youth Band is the breeding ground for our club. As a member of the youth band, experienced teachers teach the children the basic steps of music. Very quickly, the children start to play in our student orchestra so they get used to playing together. After a while they make the step to the youth band where they start performing on the streets. The Flora Youth Band has been around since 1977. So, there is a lot of in house experience in terms of musical training. For several years ‘general music education’ classes are given to children who are to young to get real music lessons. This way they get a playful introduction to music. Being a member of the youth band means more than making music. On a regular base fun things are organised: bowling, movie nights, swimming and the annual camp! All these things have lead to many close friendships along the time.

Brass band Flora Brass

Brass band Flora Brass is the third orchestra of our club. Flora Brass has been founded in 1989 and is the successor of the Show-, Marching- & Concert band. Flora Brass average consists of 40 men and women in all age categories. Flora Brass is a beautiful brass band with a wide repertoire and a wide versatility. Their performances consist of concerts, serenades and accompanying choirs or bands.



For any enquiries, please contact our band manager:


Arnold van der Oest

+31 (0)6 – 15 32 43 24

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